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Hardticket - Twisted Metal Fest 2018, 19.05.2018

Hardticket - Twisted Metal Fest 2018, 19.05.2018
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Hardticket "Twisted Metal Fest 2018"

Rub the dirt off your eyes and stick to this site.
Mark your calendars at 19th of May 2018, because Twisted Metal Fest is coming!
We're proud to bring you the best you can get in Post / Doom and alternative Metal! 
Straight from the deepest underground and into Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus in Bremen, the mightiest monolithic sounds. THIS will be the place to be to spoil your ears. We hope to see all of you in this boiling cauldron of heavy music.

-- Rosetta --
Rosetta represents the essence of post-metal, or as they call it "Metal for Astronauts". Going from slow, quiet passages to gain driven, spacy riffs in no time, featuring vocals that will crawl under your skin and drums announcing the end of the world. This is the soundtrack for the seconds before and after a cosmic cataclysm. 
osetta will unleash it all upon your banging heads and no one will be spared.

-- B R I Q U E V I L L E --
B R I Q U E V I L L E is a band shrouded in mystery. On stage, they create an instrumental mantra of spooky guitars, modified field recordings and eery sampled chants. These meditative build-ups, based on the perseverant element of repetition, are contrasted with and ripped apart by sudden, unforeseeable outbursts of the purest and sheerest heaviness.

-- Hemelbestormer --
Hemelbestormer is a Dutch word which can be literally translated as "stormer of heaven", but is given to those with revolutionary minds and idealists. Since 2012 Hemelbestormer opens the doors to a new universe and shout out a mix of various genres, whether it is post-rock, sludge, ambient, doom or even black metal, combined to an instrumental light-dark balanced whole.

High-energy Miami noise rock quartet WRONG formed in 2014 from the ashes of punk/hardcore trio Capsule and streamrolled onto the scene in 2014 with its promising debut EP Stop Giving (Robotic Empire). Featuring former members of Torche and Kylesa amongst their ranks, WRONG play Helmet / Unsane inspired heavy noise rock and put on an appropriately unrelenting live show along with the music.

-- eden circus --
This atmosphere dripping Postmetal Gurus from Hamburg released their Debut "Marula" in 2014. Their melancholic, meditative and massive Sound will pull you into space!

Datum: 19.05.2018
Ort: Bremen
Venue: Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus

Einlass: 16:00
(für evtl. Änderungen bitte am Konzerttag die Internetseite des Venues checken)

Grundpreis: 18,00 €
VVK-Gebühr: 2,40 €
Endpreis: 20,40 € (exkl. Versandkosten)

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